Welcome to Jackman Landing Campground & Cabins

Jackman Landing is a fully functioning year-round campground catering to all nature enthusiasts and outdoor motorsport riders. In 2020 we started building luxury cabins with a bit of modern flair to accommodate every avenue of hospitality for our guests. We are a family friendly establishment that prides ourselves in helping you make the most of your experience in Jackman. We look forward to seeing you year after year making many memories!

person lying inside tent and overlooking mountain

Welcome to our piece of Heaven! 

Meet James!

As a true Mainer, with a deep love for fishing, snowmobiling, and all the beauty this state has to offer, it was a quick and easy decision to acquire Jackman Landing Campground.

James wants to help it blossom into an attraction families and individuals will enjoy, coming back to year after year. A family man himself,  he values and understands the importance of the experiences we share with those we love most.

James extensive history as a business owner and passion for visualizing the potential that most look past, made Jackman an ideal location to showcase that vision and help the growth of a community that's provided him with such incredible memories. 

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